THAI Blockchain Conference Post Release

Within the frameworks of the Blockchain Cruise Asia on January 17, 2018, have been held the main blockchain conference in Asia and the first global crypto event in Thailand - THAI Blockchain Conference. The event was located at the private Paradise Beach on Phuket.

Featuring top keynote speakers like John McAfee, Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski, Tone Vays, Ronnie Moas and Sally Eaves.

They brought the audience their great experience and valuable knowledge with exclusive insights each of the speakers can share based on his background.

The THAI Blockchain Conference day was moderated by badass Eric Benz from CryptoFriends, who maintained high energy of the event throughout the whole day.

All 800 guests enjoyed the sun, sea, amazing program, drinks and tasty food. The format of the conference on the beach was ideal for the high quality of networking.
And the CoinsBank team plans to continue to surprise guests with a more incredible style of their events.

Thank you to all of our guests, who joined us for this amazing four day trip! We are happy to see how events, like Blockchain Cruise, accelerate the growth of blockchain community and form meaningful relationships between its members. Together we can do more.

CoinsBank organizers team

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