How can we help you?

  • To create your account please visit the webpage: and click the “Sign Up” tab in the upper right hand corner of the page.

    1. Enter your phone number and a password
    2. Once you receive the confirmation text or phone call, enter the code and agree to the terms and conditions, you will be prompted to fill out your personal information.
    3. Once you have entered all the required information, your account is created.
  • There are several ways to deposit or fund your account

    • Wire transfer to your account from any accepted by currency (see accepted currency list)
    • Transfer of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Ripple to your CoinsBank digital wallet
    • Credit (or debit) card deposit (see how to fund your account with a credit card)
    • QIWI (for Russia and CIS customers only)
    • Perfect Money
    • SEPA (for European customers only)
  • Once you have funded your account with a valid fiat currency there are 2 ways to purchase Bitcoin or any other supported cryptocurrency:

    1. Exchange:
      • Log in to your account
      • Scroll Dashboard page to the section “Exchange”
      • From that point you can exchange freely between the available crypto- and fiat currencies
      • Please note, quick exchange works as market order and has a limitation of spending 90% of your balance
    2. Trading:
      • Log in to your account
      • Click on “Trading” in top-level menu
      • Use trading form on the left side to create trading orders
  • In order to fully utilize your account, you will have to verify yourself. To verify yourself, you will need to provide a proper form of identification such as:

    • Valid passport
    • A government issued identification card

    You will also need to provide proof of residence by providing a (or multiple) utility bill(s), such as the following:

    • Telephone
    • Internet
    • Cable
    • Water
    • Etc

    Utility bills must contain the following information:

    • Your full name
    • Full address
    • A barcode or a stamp and signature from the utility provider

    You may also provide as proof of residence a bank statement showing recent transactions and signed by an issuer.

    Proof of residence should be not older than 3 months

  • When transferring cryptocurrency from you CoinsBank wallet to any other CoinsBank wallet, it is absolutely free.

    For all other transaction fees, please:

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Fees, Deposits and Withdrawals"
  • CoinsBank currently works with the following cryptocurrencies:

    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Litecoin (LTC)
    • Ethereum (ETH)
    • Ripple (XRP)

    Coinsbank is constantly researching cryptocurrencies with intentions to add wallets which meet our quality standards.

  • CoinsBank is very selective when it comes to the currencies that we support. There are many different factors that determine whether or not CoinsBank will support a certain currency, and if all the CoinsBank criteria is met by the particular currency, it will be added. So keep an eye out for your favorite crypto and fiat currencies, as they may be added.

  • To withdraw or send funds you need to

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Click the “Withdrawal” button on Dashboard page
    3. Select one of your wallets in the “From Account” field
    4. Enter amount to withdraw
    5. Select to “Crypto Wallet” or payment system
    6. Specify the cryptoaddress of the recipient in the “Enter Destination Account or Address” or enter corresponding recepient's details
    7. Follow the remaining instructions
  • There are several ways to spend your cryptocurrency

    • Pay directly from your wallet to another wallet
    • Trade or exchange into currency and wire to your traditional bank account
    • Log into your account
    • Click on “Trading”
    • Freely trade between the available crypto and fiat currencies
    • Log in to your account
    • From your “Accounts” section on Dashboard, click on QR-code of your wallet
    • Or on selected Account page click on the QR code
    • You may send your cryptoaddress by emial or via SMS message to your counterparty
    • Please note, XRP will be accepted only with appropriate Destination tag
    • Please also note, ETH will not be deposited if included to a smart-contract
  • For the most convenient access to your account, CoinsBank recommends using Google Authenticator.

    • First you must install Google Authenticator on your mobile device. You can find Google Authenticator in your mobile app store
    • Then you must enable Google Authenticator in your CoinsBank account by:
      1. Logging in to your account
      2. Click on “Balance” at the top right corner of the page
      3. Then click on “Security Settings”
      4. Then scroll to “Google Two-Factor Authentication”
      5. Click “Enable Google Authenticator”
      6. Open the Google Authenticator app
      7. Select “Set up account”
      8. Select “Scan barcode”
      9. Scan the barcode
    • From this point on you will be prompted to enter a Google Authenticator code which is automatically generated once you open the Google Authenticator app
  • Currently CoinsBank works with the following fiat currencies:

    • U.S. Dollars (USD)
    • Euros (EUR)
    • British Pounds (GBP)

    CoinsBank is constantly striving to add more acceptable major fiat currencies from around the world.

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Click on “Balance” in top-level menu
    3. From the dropdown menu, please select “Payment methods”
    4. Click on “ADD CARD”
    5. Read and check “I agree with terms”
    6. Fill in your card information and click “Add card” button
    7. Click “Verify now”
    8. Then upload:
      • Selfie with your card
      • Front side of your card
      • Back side of your card
    9. Make sure that the back of the card contains your signature. Please hide your CVV code and part numbers of a credit card by covering with an object (like a piece of paper pr fingers).
    10. Click “Send”
    11. Click “Connect payment method”
    12. Enter card’s CVV and click “Connect”
    13. Please note, that we do not accept deposits from third parties cards.
    14. Wait for verification being proceed. Click “Deposit with card” on "Payment methods" page or select your card in "Deposit" form of your corresponding account.