2017 Market Expansion

     With millions of satisfied customers currently using CoinsBank as their all-in-one gateway to blockchain services, CoinsBank is excited to announce its expansion into new markets in the second quarter of 2017!

    CoinsBank’s sustainable growth can be attributed not only to its unique business model, but to advanced IT infrastructure, which continues to evolve and adapt to market demands. In addition, CoinsBank’s cutting edge technology, has and will continue to support the growth and the surge in the number of transactions.  As The CoinsBank’s security standards will continue to exceed the expectations of government regulators and satisfy account holders.

     We are very excited about the future of CoinsBank in the blockchain, fintech and cryptocurrency marketplaces, and we look forward to our annual public event, the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise, where we will be hosting some of the industry’s top professionals and providing a unique and powerful networking experience.

     If you would like to join us on the cruise, please visit www.CoinsBank.com/cruise and register for the event.  We depart from New York City on May 25th, 2017, and we hope to see you there!